How to buy a genuine star wars pop culture 12 pc pack online

Since 1977, Star Wars has taken the world by storm, with an ever expanding, and ever more popular, film franchise driving global demand for all things Star Wars. One key area that this has developed is the collector's model and toy market, with each new film seeing a brand new range of characters developed. Many will buy these toys to play with, but they will also be bought as collector's items, which are kept in pristine condition either to be sold on at a later date, or to be cherished and passed on to future generations.

Most people will look for a Star Wars pop culture 12-piece pack for sale online. However, whether you are buying as a collector, purchasing an item for a child's birthday or simply can't wait to get your hands on the latest trend, nobody wants to be disappointed by buying an item which it later turns out is not genuine. To combat this, there are three key things to look out for so that you can make sure you are getting the real deal. Use these tips to find out if the pop culture pack is real or fake.

Look for deliberate flaws

Often, those not selling a legitimate Star Wars pop culture pack will put deliberate typos onto packaging, for example if the pack reads "Star War," instead of "Star Wars" or "Hans Solo" instead of "Han Solo." These little errors are attempts to get around the rules, and they play on the fact that many people will not spot the typo until they look harder. Make sure you carry out a full inspection of the pop culture pack before you buy.

Look out for logic flaws

Some fraudsters will not carry out their due diligence before putting a pop culture pack up for sale online. A key giveaway here could be characters appearing in the wrong costumes or with incorrect lightsaber colours. Fans will be able to spot these flaws, so always ask a friend or family member who knows more about the franchise if you are unsure. 

Ask for evidence

This is especially important  if you are planning on selling your item on at a future date. Email the company and ask for proof that the Star Wars pop culture pack is genuine, and be sure to save the email confirmation. They should not take offence at this unless they have something to hide. As there are strict licencing laws at work, each Star Wars pack should be traceable back to an authentic manufacturer. 

To learn more about discerning between an authentic pop culture pack and a fraud and be sure you have the real thing, reach out to companies like Global Gear.