4 Factors That Can Cause Dry Cleaning Problems

Many factors can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes when you take your fabrics to a dry cleaning facility. It is therefore essential for you to establish the probable cause of the problem before you blame the dry cleaner for the mishap.  Below are some reasons why dry cleaning mishaps can occur.

Incorrect Care Labels

A dry cleaning mishap can occur if the manufacturer of your clothing did not write its care label properly. Consequently, a mishap will still occur even if the dry cleaner follows the care instructions to the letter. For example, the fabric manufacturer who erroneously states that any commercial dry cleaning solvent can be used to clean your wedding gown can lead to damage on the fabric since it is sensitive to some solvents.

Invisible Stains

Dry cleaning mishaps can also occur in case you spill something that does not leave a visible mark on the clothes. The dry cleaner will be unable to deal with that stain once it dries and leaves no visible mark. Consequently, your clothes may have streaks at the end of the dry cleaning process after the compounds in the stain react with the cleaning products. Avoid such a mishap by informing the dry cleaner about any stains or spills. This information will enable the professional to use his or her skill to remove that stain before cleaning the rest of the garment.

The Age of the Fabric

Fabrics weaken over time and this affects their quality. For example, the dyes used may start becoming unstable with the passage of time. Older garments are therefore more likely to fade or tear during the dry cleaning process. The dry cleaner can avert such unpleasant outcomes by taking extra care when cleaning older garments.

The Dry Cleaner's Skill/Experience

A knowledgeable dry cleaner can avert many mishaps by anticipating them before they occur. For example, an experienced dry cleaner can identify which buttons on a garment are likely to be ripped out during the dry cleaning process. They can reattach the loose buttons so that the fabric is not damaged as it is cleaned. Experienced dry cleaners can also mix the right solvents in the appropriate amounts to avoid damaging the various fabrics that are brought to them.

Dry cleaning mishaps can be caused by manufacturer mistakes, user mistakes and mistakes made by the dry cleaner. Avoid making premature conclusions when a mishap occurs. Ask the dry cleaner to explain what may have happened so that an appropriate remedy can be found.